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Professional and Clinical Supervision

I have always been a passionate advocate of supervision and providing high quality supervision throughout my nursing and therapist carer as I believe that supervision can assist us to grow and flourish as clinicians and people.

By recognising that we all bring our life experiences inside and outside work to the therapeutic and collegial relationships we have in our work and that these relationships are sometimes difficult to build, maintain or end. I believe that having a trusted and highly experienced supervisor to walk alongside you while you explore and reflect can be enlightening and gratifying allowing us all to be the best we can for ourselves and the clients we work with.

I began providing supervision 27 years ago as I recognised that my colleagues and I did not have a safe and enabling environment to discuss the challenges working within mental health often brings, as well as being able to celebrate and build on the successes, but found this place for myself and my supervisees within a supervision framework.

I have been working in Mental Health Nursing for almost 30 years and in this time have worked within mental health acute inpatients, community teams, rehabilitation, and primary care mental health in the UK. Since moving to New Zealand I currently work part time as a Clinical Nurse Therapist within Private Practice providing psychological therapy and supervision. I also work part time as a Clinical Educator for Specialist Mental health services. I have worked within a specialist anxiety Disorders Service and a corrections environment here in New Zealand.

I have undertaken training in clinical supervision in the UK and then here in New Zealand using a role theory framework. I am experienced and highly effective in the role of supervisor and have previously and continue to provide high quality supportive supervision to all my supervisee’s.

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